I am a Cheater

9 Nov

I feel like I have cheated on my dog, Joba and must confess. I got Joba when I was in college and he has always been suspicious of the smells on my clothes when I got home late at night or when I would leave him at home for long periods of time.

Now, for four years I have been a faithful human. My indiscretions were as innocent as working at a doggie daycare or visiting friends who happened to have a furry companion…all meaningless one dayers. Ever since I brought home our new dog Levi, Joba has done nothing but give me the cold paw. He knows that this dog means more than just the average hello lick; this new dog has caused a love triangle.

In my own home I am starting to feel guilty. I hide behind the stairs to give my new dog Levi a pat to say “good job”. I even pretend not to notice Levi when Joba is looking. Joba has caused me to be secretive with my public affections.

Just to show you all what I am talking about, I have taken a picture of Joba watching from the top of the stairs when I went to hug Levi earlier this evening. (See Picture)

Now, how can any one live with themselves after their dog has given them the look of pure disappointment?

I have confessed that I am a cheater. Image

3 Responses to “I am a Cheater”

  1. Deb Chown November 9, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Love the look on Joba’s face. Can’t wait to hear how this all unfolds. Imagine by this time next year they will be best buds. When kitty Oliver came into the house there was major acting out by youngest kitty Rocafella and I mean major – pooping on my bed right in front of me, peeing everywhere (like inside my shoes!), hissing and just general acting out. Took a while but now they actually do kitty kisses! Hang in there!

  2. suzanne dell November 10, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    Great story, that’s why my Lucky (cat) will be my one and only until she’s called to the litterbox in the sky!


  1. NFL Addict | That Girl Ryan - January 15, 2013

    […] it slowly became Joba’s (my dog) blanket. In Joba’s mind, him and I are in a relationship (See: I am a cheater). To him, I am his girlfriend who is unhappily married to “Master” (Boy Ryan). Everytime Boy […]

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