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Don’t Forget

25 Apr


So…. this is not my typically MO being serious and all, but these last few days have got me all up in knots and I think I need to get it out there so I can move on to more of my funny shit.

At 24, I’m restless, bored and hungry for success. Yet, I never can define what success looks like. Is it money? Is it being a CEO? Is it having a bunch of fancy cars and a big house? So I rack my brain for hours just wondering what I want to do with my life, thinking all of the things I can be and rushing myself to get there. So as I wonder aimlessly through life wondering the answers to all my questions, I always look for signs-as in signs that help guide me to where I need to go. Call it God, call it the Universe, call it intuition-but some force out there that moves us all where we want to be.

So when I stopped in Bed, Bath and Beyond today, I never thought a simple cashier would throw me a sign. After spending 30 minutes contemplating on which blender I should purchase, I walked up to the cashier and pulled my usual, “Hey, I forgot my coupon and I was hoping you could scan one for me?” trick. The cashier smiled and said, “you know you can bring the coupon in at any time and get the money back later”.

Shit, didn’t work– “Ok, ill definitely do that!” I turned to gather my purchased item and started to head for the door. Just then the cashier yelled out to me: “Hey…Don’t forget

I smiled and continued through the door.

Who says, “Don’t Forget?” What did he mean by that? It couldn’t of possibly meant ” Don’t forget the coupon you just blatant made up!”.  It was different. The way he said those words, his tone. It’s like he looked into the depths of my soul and said- “Don’t Forget!” It stuck in my head for hours…don’t forget…don’t forget…don’t forget

Don’t forget what? To take my birth control? Yea trust me, I wont ever forget that again. Don’t forget to take out the trash or that I need to schedule my gyno appointment?….That was so weird….

Its funny how signs can hit you in the face. Its those simple words of a stranger that meant so much for no reason.

As I had racked my brain trying to figure out the REAL meaning of “Don’t Forget”….It just suddenly dawned on me.

Earlier that morning, I woke up at 3am-out of the blue. I sat up in my bed to find my husband-thieved of all the covers by none other than my daughter- hogging the covers AND my two dogs wiggled in-between wherever they could find even a millimeter of space. Usually my first thought would be:

1. Start pushing the unwanted visitors off the bed…Fur first, than kid…


2. I need a bigger fucking bed.

But that moment, in the wee hours of the morning, I experienced an intense feeling of gratefulness. All I could think was, ” Damn, I am pretty fucking lucky to have a great guy, an awesome kid and two dogs who think I’m the best thing since Pet Snuggies.”

I realized that I  don’t care how big my house is or that my car isn’t an Audi or that my job isn’t glamorous.  Success is a feeling-and I already have it.

Maybe this is what that stranger had really meant. Don’t forget to feel lucky for what you have right now. Don’t forget to be happy with how far you have come.

I could be crazy or just super fucking bored….but whatever the case may be, one coupon can go a long way.


Dancing With The “O” Girls

17 Apr

If you don’t have sisters…you just won’t understand

Last week was siblings day! How could I have let that one slip? I wanted to introduce my two sisters to my TGR readers the right way. Obviously by dancing.

My entire family loves to dance. People ask me all the time what I like to do with my free-time…well this is it.

One constant argument between my sisters and I is always….Who has the best dance moves? Saturday nights and sometimes, Tuesday mornings, you can find us battling it out in my Mom’s living room.

So, we decided to settle this argument the right way, with a PUBLIC Dance-Off. (god help me if this ever comes back to bite me)

WARNING: The dance moves you are about to see will blow your mind. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

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